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Everything you need to know about adhesives.
A brief outline of scribing detail into styrene models.
How to correctly balance your submarine's trim and establish it's correct waterline position.
This is the most complete WTC kit on the market today. Save money by doing the simple assembly work yourself without having to worry about the more tricky parts of the system, because they are already done!
An explanation of The Snort System. Discusses RCABS, Gas, etc. and explains where and when Snort is most advantageous.
An article explaining the different types of ballast systems available. Many diagrams.
AN assortment of different sized Bow Thrusters for use in boats and submarines. Especially useful for maneuvering those larger models.
Flyer with photos and description of the molded ballast weights for the Revell VII Model Submarine.
Describes the various types of ballast systems and how they operate.
A description of costing out building your own cylinder.
A brief description of the contents of the Fittings Kit.
An inexpensive tote box for your submarines. This data sheet explains the assembly procedure. The product will shortly be offered for sale on the Caswell Models web page.
A listing of new products, with emphasis on the new Sub-driver component parts. Buy end-caps, cylinders, ballast parts etc. to build your own system.
Section of plan of the 212 showing various elevations and cross sections. Drawn by Olivier Bruillett. Can be purchased from Caswell Inc in whatever scale you prefer.
Detailed instructions from David Merriman on his 1:96 scale German 212 Submarine.
A summary of the 1:72 scale kit, including Sub=driver, model, Fittings Kit etc.
A summary of the 1:72 scale kit, including Sub=driver, model, Fittings Kit etc.
Instructions for the 33 Chinese Romeo Class Submarine circa 1965
Trumpeter instructions for the build of the Romeo missile carrying 33G submarine
Our current price list for our latest line of ships.
These are the general instructions supplioed with every D&E RTR model
A miniature underwater camera that easily downloads to a Mac or PC.
SAS The Semi-Aspirated-Sub-driver
Part #1 of the manual comprises- The Fittings Kit Marking Off, Test Fitting, and Punching holes Assembling the Aft Dive Planes & Rudder Cutting the Hull for the Z Type Configuration Drilling and opening Upper Hull Holes Preparing And Assembling...