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Buying From Your Distributors Is Too Expensive. Can't I Just Buy From Caswell In the USA?

Using Australia as an example:

At first glance, it would seem that the Australian prices are not a good deal, but let's examine the facts:

1. A 1.5 Gallon Nickel Plating Kit is $139.70 USD from the USA
2. The same kit from Australia is $295.38 AUD
3. $295.38 is $234.72 in USD (and you must consider that the exchange rate varies. Our distributor may have bought this from us at a higher or lower exchange, and, since he can't change his product price all the time, must either lose a few bucks or gain a few bucks on each order from us)

This leaves a difference of $95.02

To ship this kit from us to you is $50.00.

This still leaves a difference of $45.00

You would have to pay 10% GST on this product when imported, and probably a 5% import duty (total $21.00), leaving us with a difference of $24.00.

With the US bought kit, you will have to either buy a voltage converter to convert the electrics to Australian voltage, or source these products yourself. I would imagine that buying a small pump in Australia would cost at least $30.00, but let's be conservative and say $20.00.

This would leave you with a $4.00 savings buying the kit from us.

I doubt you would argue that the $4.00 savings is worth:

1. The longer shipping time from the US
2. The risk of loss or damage using international air mail
3. The hassle of running around town to pick up voltage converters, heaters etc.
4. Not supporting an Australian business, rather than a foreign company.

Please order from our Australian distributor. Both him and us have gone to much trouble to set this up to make these products more readily available for people like you.

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