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I want to set up a commercial chrome plating shop to plate wheels, bumpers etc. What do I need?

Large scale chrome plating shops use a Triple Chrome process, which consists of copper plating, nickel plating, then chrome plating. Our Triple Chrome Plating kit duplicates this process on a small scale. To plate wheels and bumpers, you will need a much bigger system.

By far the biggest problem when chrome plating is the huge amounts of power required. You need 1 amp for every square inch of surface area that you are chroming. This means that to plate wheels, you will need approx 800-1000 amps. A 1000 amp power supply retails for approx $8000. Add to this the tanks, heaters, chemicals and anodes required for this system and you can expect to spend $20K+ to start up.

Bumpers require an even larger system. Expect to spend $30K+ to start.

When operating chrome plating systems this large, the EPA and other local authorities may wish to regulate the operation. Consult your local environmental authorities.

A much better idea is to use our Copy Chrome system instead of Triple Chrome. Copy Chrome requires much less current to operate, allowing you to plate larger items with a small power supply. Copy Chrome is not environmentally regulated, meaning little if any intervention from authorities.

We will be happy to quote you on the system of your choice. You should make an effort before contacting us to determine the dimensions and surface area of the largest part you will want to plate. This way we can provide you with an accurate price on the correct sized system.
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