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Stripping Chrome From Emblems

To strip chrome from emblems using a wand (Plug N Plate), ensure the wand is on the negative terminal. Wrap a new bandage around the wand. Touch the positive lead to the part. Dip the wand in the stripper solution and briskly stroke it over the part. A yellow stain will appear on the bandage. This is the chrome coming off.

Under the chrome is a nickel plate. Chrome and nickel look very fact, many people believe that the chrome stripper is not working, when in fact the chrome has all been removed and they are now looking at the nickel. To ensure that all the chrome is off, simply change your wand bandage regularly until you don't see anymore yellow stain.

The nickel plate may now be gold plated. There's no need to "activate" this nickel plate before plating with gold.

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