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  1. Anodizing

    1. What is LCD Anodizing?
    2. What Is Aluminum Anodize?
    3. Is it possible to do fades, splashes etc. using your anodizing kit and dyes.
  2. Cadmium Plating

    1. If Copy Cad Isn't Real Cadmium, What Is It?
  3. Chrome Plating

    1. What's the difference between Hard Chrome and Decorative Chrome?
    2. I want to set up a commercial chrome plating shop to plate wheels, bumpers etc. What do I need?
    3. Isn't Chrome Plating Dangerous?
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  4. Copper Plating

    1. Why Would Anyone Want To Copper Plate?
  5. Electroless Plating

    1. Phosphorous Level In Electroless Nickel
    2. Cost Of Electroless Nickel
    3. What Are The Disadvantages of Electroless versus Regular Electroplating?
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  6. Painting

    1. How much coverage can I expect to get out of a certain amount of paint product?
  7. Placing An Order

    1. How Can I Order From Spain?
    2. How Do I Order From Canada?
    3. How Do I Order From the UK and Europe?
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  8. Plug N Plate

    1. Stripping Chrome From Emblems
    2. How much will the Plug N' Plate solutions plate?
  9. Polishing

    1. How To Use Greaseless Compounds
    2. What wheels and compounds do you recommend for polishing marble, porcelain, granite, or other stone?
    3. What products do you recommend for polishing titanium?
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  10. Powder Coating

    1. What's the difference between Extreme Chrome And Super Chrome
    2. Powder Coat Coverage
  11. Questions About Caswell Inc.

    1. How long has Caswell Inc. been selling plating products?
    2. Where are you located?
    3. What are your phone and fax numbers?
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  12. General Plating Questions

    1. What Size Kit Do I Need?
    2. Disposal Of Chemicals
    3. How Do I Know What Metal My Part is Made From
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  13. Blasting

    1. Which blasting media is best for etching glass.
  14. Gas Tank Sealer

    1. Can You Tint Gas Tank Sealer?
    2. Does your gas tank sealer work on plastic and fiberglass tanks?