Revell Type VII Cabal Report # 2
Posted by - NA - on 20 October 2008 09:30 PM
This report explains
Installing rudder control system and installing forward planes.

 VII Cabal 2.pdf (417.09 KB)

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James Churbuck
21 October 2008 11:33 AM
The "Notes to the Cabal" seem key to getting assembly right. In a way these are instructions that "should've" been included, but this process is more interesting to me than the average kit sheets. This tells a story as much as it tells you what to do.

Though I will likely wait for the D&E fittings kit, it's nice to see alternative solutions discussed. It shows that this is about more than just selling parts--it's sharing ideas and getting people involved. It's also nice to see recognition that there's more than one way to approach a problem that results in a satisfactory solution.