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Knowledgebase : Customer Service
Check the image below for instructions on how to access the manual. You must login to your account first.
If you had already created an account on our web site, you should be able to see any orders placed by mail or phone in your order history. The email on the online account, and the email you gave us when you ordered must match.
It's possible that the shipping company has not updated their tracking database to include your shipment yet. Please allow another day for the shipping company to update their system. If, after a day, your shipment is still not found, please contact us.
Please allow 3 business days for the tracking number to be updated on our web site. If three full days have passed, please contact us and we will inform you of the status of your order.
Please contact us and include your order number or invoice number. We will arrange a replacement ASAP, as well as pickup of the incorrect item.
Please keep the original packaging and the damaged product. If a chemical is leaking, please contact us by phone immediately to determine the safest method of disposal. If no chemicals are leaking, please contact us and include your order number or invoic...
If you have forgotton your password, please use our password retrieval system [] to have it reset. Make sure to check your Spam filter to ensure you receive this mail. If all else fails, ple...
You no longer need a password to download SDS. Just click the link on each page to download it.
Returning Goods: Returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Before returning products, you should attempt to remedy any problems by calling us to receive technical advice. Our plating kits use basic electrochemical reactions that have been used as th...