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Instructions and SDS for all Metal-X Nickel Strippers
Instructions for our Black Oxide Kit
Describes the products required for bronzing baby shoes and the procedure to follow.
Explains how to calculate surface area of various sized parts. To be used when determining amperage requirements for plating.
Cerakote Glacier Chrome Application Instructions
Download the Cerakote Application Guide
Cerakote Piston Coat Application Guide
IMPORTANT CHANGES TO INSTRUCTIONS FOR ELECTROLESS NICKEL, KROME, COBALT AND BORON NITRIDE PLATING INSTRUCTIONS Instead of the ceramic heaters mentioned in the plating manual, we now supply glass lined tanks and a thermometer with these kits. The plating...
Describes how to control various power sources for plating, including using light bulbs as a resistor.
Instructions For Plating With Our Electroless Copper system, including plating PCB Thru-Holes.
This spreadsheet lets you track credit usage. Requires Microsoft Excel. Credit to Charles McGonigle for creating and submitting this to us.
Instructions For Caswell Inc. Garage Floor Coating System
Grip Strip Application Instructions
Introduction To Buffing And Polishing Link: [1] Links: ------ [1]
Read our LCD Anodizing Kit Instructions
Procedure for removing contaminants from plating baths by plating a scrap part.
How to plate lead bullets with our Flash Copper system.
These instructions are included in all our Plug N Plate(R) Kits.
Instructions for our PTFE Electroless Nickel Kit.
Describes how to use the new Caswell REPROCHROME plating kit.
Instructions for SPC-9250 25 Amp Rectifier
Instructions for using our stainless steel activator for gold solution. Enables direct gold plating onto stainless.
Calculate the surface area of two and three dimensional parts.
An Excel file to help you calculate the surface area of nuts and bolts.
An Excel file to help you calculate the surface area of washers.
Explains how to anodize titanium.
Plate long, thin parts without a huge tank with this ingenious design by Mr Henry Woronko.