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Plans and photos of several boats in service to Australian Navy.
The K Class submarine dockyard general and cross section plans - 3 pdf files
2nd pdf file of The British K Class submarines. Steam driven makes this an interesting project. Cross Sections and port elevation plans.
L 24-27 and L 50 plans
Plans of L1-4 & L18-23 with docking plans
24 rare photos of L Class submarines
Dockyard drawings showing -plan, side elevation and cross sections; General arrangements of Thrasher, Thorn Tempest, Tireless, Token.
The British V Class WWII versions
Dockyard plans general arrangement
Showing general arrangements and some cross sections.
Dockyard plans and several photos of this Odin class boat, sunk off Malta 1942 by a mine.
Original Chatham Shipyard plans of the WWI R Class, along with several photos.
General Arrangement plans from the dockyard.
Dockyard plans of HMS Sunfish, with several rare photos.
Dockyard plans showing excellent cross sections. 2 rare photographs of the boat at sea. Recently added - 2nd set of plans and Wikipedia data.
The British V class submarines were built by Vickers, Barrow during World War I in response to Scotts, Greenock building the British S class submarine (1914) and Armstrong Whitworth building the British W class submarine. 4 V class submarines were built. ...
Classes A2-4 with docking plan for A5-12
Dockyard original plans.
Dockyard plans of C1-11 and C21-30 showing cross sections
Dockyards plans of the G8-13 boats.
A 1914 boat that was the first attempt to enlarge the submarine, measuring 258 feet. Also enclosed, a rare photo of the boat.
Original drawings of the Holland
Original French plans of the Surcouf