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This is an upgraded document, with the new ADF2 Pitch Controller and Failsafe.
Instruction for the KMC Designs Lipoguard. Designed to protect Lithium Polymers batteries from discharging below the recommended rate.
MERS Switch Instructions
Detailed installation instructions for the McLeod switch to control the mini Low Pressure Blower or compressor.
Switches 6V to 12V pump and solenoid (up to 0.5A) while maintaining electrical isolation between "pump/solenoid" and "receiver" circuits. Note: Both pump and solenoid channels also have built-in spark-suppression filters.
How to set up your antenna for fresh and salt water running.
The latest edition of instructions, modified by Kevin McLeod This is only for the WFLY receivers with the LED on them, the ones with the A/B switch don't have this feature. 1. Do not power on Tx until specifically instructed to do so. 2. Power on Rx...
Frequency selection through a modular, extremely rugged, reliable and easy to use programmer utilizing Sombra Labs' patented "1-Click"(TM) programming technology or our latest AFS ( Automatic Frequency Scanning) technology!
How to operate and set up your WFLY transmitter and Receiver for a submarine.
The Virtual Goggles are connected to a small radio receiver which receives a signal from a mini video camera on board the submarine. The camera can be submerged, so the operator can see underwater.